To Julian Ruck – Criminal Writer.

Dear Mr Ruck,

I have just noticed that you are a regular visitor to my blog, a constant and loyal companion it would seem.

[Actually, quick heads up old chap, that would be better with a semi-colon after ‘blog’ and then the comma after ‘companion’ – oh, I know, I know, the written word deserves to be treated with contempt, doesn’t it?!]

I have often wondered (you don’t need a comma there! You like putting commas after verbs for no particular reason, don’t you? Please stop!) what drives an individual to say all sorts of unpleasant things about all sorts of people, with as much publicity as possible, and then act surprised when other people don’t like them (you might want to have a word with PR 4 Books about that – you’re meant to be improving your ‘likeability’ when you blog!).

You’re convinced that everyone hates you, aren’t you? To be honest, I think you get a little frisson of self-pity out of the thought; but it’s wide of the mark. I certainly don’t hate you – I just think you’re a dreadfully bad writer whose self-publicity is based largely on dishonesty – and as for the monkeys, they asked you to be their Valentine! You missed an opportunity there, I can tell you.

But one point I must, sir, insist upon. This is NOT a ‘fake Julian Fuck blog’. This is the REAL Julian Fuck blog. To the best of my knowledge, and believe you me I’ve set my monkey researchers on the question, it is the ONLY Julian Fuck blog in existence. If you persist in calling the REAL Julian Fuck blog a fake Julian Fuck blog, I shall have little choice but to report you to the police for harassment. I do not make empty threats.

Yours, more in sorrow than in anger,


Oh, I see you’ve deleted your delightful ‘threat’ to give Steve Mosby and David Hewson bad reviews in, no, the Llanelli Star! And your charming boast about blog views; so here it is for posterity:

Julian Ruck hints at bad reviews

(6,145 views on this blog so far this month – pull your socks up, Julian!).


Julian is starting to lose it, isn’t he? All this ‘Sniff, sniff, why are you being so beastly to me, I don’t deserve it’ stuff has the whiff of a man slowly realising that posterity will remember him more as a prize fool than as any kind of writer.



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  1. Ross B-P

    First and for most, I must state, this, do you not see this as a Hereculean waste of time? You may not like Julian Ruck, thousands do but you may not and this is your right afterall we are not in a Big Brother Society, but is that any cause to make such spite? Let me guess, you are part of the, Carduff Litterpickeratti Mocha-Latte Set? Sad. Why not concentrate on the real villains the likes of Prat-ithan Berks, Sullen Berks, and Hobo Pressed-for-Quality and their acolytes the want to be thug Reich-herder Dull-views, the Dribbler Catweazle and the rest of them. Think on. Best, Ross B-P.

    • Puppy

      Is this a joke? I’m only going by the comma misuse…

    • Puppy

      Also is it not ‘foremost’? Yes, this must be a joke

    • Mrs Penn-Thomas

      Dear Mr Ross

      I am most upset that once again the Wales that exists to the West and North of Sarn Park Services is being neglected. You can be assured that the people of Swansea, Aberystwyth and Bangor are just as capable of reading poetry over a latte as those living in Cardiff. Please ensure that when dishing out your insults you do not direct all your bile at those living in the capital. They get enough attention as it is.

      yours respectfully
      Mrs Penn-Thomas

  2. Alas! Hello Ross, how are you old chap. Fabulous wordplay, spelling and truly original grammar use! I commend you.

    The thing is Ross, the reason sites like this exist, is that Julian Ruck is very loud, terrible at his craft, a plagiarist and a liar. Thousands do not like him my friend, nor do they buy his books. He only told you they do, which is why it is good to have a debate.

    Also Dinefwr do not publish his books, they print them. He is self published.

    He also gets distributed by Gwales, at taxpayers expense, which strikes me as hypocritical. When he apologised for plagiarism (very serious for a writer) the daft fellow spelt poor Christopher’s surname wrong! Silly Julian.

    He was also very rude and obnoxious to my person before I had ever got involved with him, so I decided to pipe up and engage Julian in the debates he’s apparently really keen on but never materialize.

    Yours Catweazle

    P.S I am doing the dust jacket and illustrations for a Parthian compilation of new Welsh writers. I assure you all commas and apostrophes will be correctly placed. I think you might enjoy the book, it will be good and not a single taxpayer penny is going toward it! Though I would not mind if it did because books enrich lives (when edited and good).

    • Ross B-P

      So many errors and so much vitriol. All misguided, perhaps a trip to the Opticians is required. Number one yes Prat-ithan (to give them their correct name) ARE funded to a merry tune (for ALL of their books) by the WAG ‘government’ down in the Bay of Misused Tax Payer money. Secondly point number two why is funding good if a book is good it will sell so surely no need. And this is where I differ with Julian Ruck, I don’t think that English OR Welsh (for the dozen or so speakers!) should get funding. It is the Great British public who pays out of our ISAs for this kind of LatteThink. Point three you call Julian Ruck a liar yet you are the one who is running merry hell with lies, all unsubstantiated rubbish that you CANNOT prove. And if you are indeed Catweazle then you should feel ashamed of your behaviour in Cardiff! Ross.

      • My dear Ross, I am not ashamed of my behaviour in Cardiff. Why would I be? Especially when talking to a A grade liar and self publicist!
        When you talk of ill informed vitriol I think you should take a look at Herr Ruck.
        Ross, why on earth do you think he is, ahem, ‘best selling’?
        He isn’t.
        Parthian do not use taxpayers money to publish all their books old boy. Herr Ruck’s FOI requests are superfluous, the information is in the public domain.
        If you open any copy of one of Ruck’s books (an experience, commas and apostrophes all over the shop! Would fail a GCSE in English) you would see he is distributed at taxpayers expense. What a wally.
        He is in newspapers because he contacted them and, in unfortunate examples of churnalism, they printed his emails ad verbatim.

  3. This is a charming Ruck response to Sarah Pinsborough, he is a plonker.

    Ah, the fiery brashness and star-spangled vulgarity of youth!

    You will be telling us all next Sarah, what University you attended and how much you paid for your three-piece leather suite.

    For one so successful, you most certainly confirm my view that the writing world (and the Arts world generally) is full to the brim with petty spite, puerile petulence and nauseating if deluded self-importance.

    What is it, that makes you people so intent on drawing blood from those you don’t even know?

    You have your success and no doubt it is well-deserved, isn’t this enough? After all, a shroud cares little for ego and ‘Therefore I am’ – Descartes this time not Hitchins!

    And yet at this late and bewitching hour, for all your glorious achievements, the only company you seem to have is a mean-spirited and wonderfully sour flippancy.

    What a pity, such a fine looking woman too!


    Hitchens, Julian, not Hitchins. How many times do I have to tell you!

  4. The Dalai Lama

    Ross, you can’t write, punctuate, think or spell. You have nothing original to say and you’re just Julian’s sad toady. Your wordplay is excruciating, desperate and sad , and you’re are perfect example of why we need arts funding in general. Can you , meanwhile, show is some evidence that ‘thousands’ like Ruck and his shit books? Where are they?

    • Ross B-P

      Sad. Really sad. This is the kind of ill informed vitriol that Julian Ruck has to deal with and to be honest all it does is make you look daft. Are you a best selling author? NO. Are you a nationally recognised broadsheet Freedom Of Information campaigner? NO. Do yourself a favour and put down your No-Mark-achino and smell the real truth.

  5. welshnot

    Anyone know why the fake Julian Fuck (i.e. Julian Ruck) has now deleted his exchange with, and blog post about, Steve Mosby?

  6. Edited my dear fellow, edited.

    • Ross B-P

      I see that you cannot deny my words. Well you and your taxpayer funded guzzlers tried to ignore Julian Ruck and he took you to bloody task! You would be best advised to traverse back into your Deluded Fantasy Worlds whilst you still can… Julian Ruck is on course!

  7. Mrs Penn-Thomas

    “You may take the writing game seriously but I do not, because it is precisely that – a game.

    There is life beyond the written word Malcolm, do yourself a favour and treat it with the contempt it deserves.”

    Well that explains a lot then doesn’t it. It isn’t just writers who are funded that he has contempt for but every other writer who has respect for their profession. Presumably this includes the journalists, editors and publishers of local newspapers who also make an honest living out of the written word.

  8. welshnot

    Yes, Mrs P-T, this explains the rotten writing in itself, but does it adequately explain the sheer nastiness of Ruck’s attacks on other writers, personal abuse of individuals, plagiarism, deceit about never having submitted to Welsh publishers (though chwarae teg, he finally admitted it on his blog), and thoroughly unpleasant bouts of Welsh-hating quasi ‘racism’. As in:

    ” cards on the table, this particular form of communication sounds like a turkey being strangled and should, like the Dodo, have been confined to the history books years ago.

    Constantly having this gobbledygook rammed down my throat is too much. ”

    There we have it: some really nasty views about other people’s languages and cultures here, although I imagine that Welsh-speakers are breathing a sigh of relief that this idiot doesn’t speak Welsh, or he’d be desecrating it the way desecrates English.

    And let me finally come to my point about Ruck’s abysmal failure: he sucked up to English commercial writers and thought that rounding on his fellow-countrymen, mocking their language, smearing their writers, would earn him some cred among the people he seeks to emulate, and perhaps gain him some entry into the world of successful self-publishing etc. And yet it turns out that those very people think he’s contemptible and dishonest and unpleasant, and however much Julian tries to claim he’s under attack from Welsh-language extremists (that said, they’d be right – he’s a bigot), the only people I see giving him the lacerating contempt he deserves are successful English writers.

    Shot himself in the foot there, did Julian.

  9. welshnot

    Ross you pathetic toady. You wrote this “Are you a nationally recognised broadsheet Freedom Of Information campaigner?” WTF? Julian calls himself that and asks to be described thus by newspapers. As in ‘JR, bestselling novelist and Freedom of Information Campaigner’. Laughable, but that’s what he and Palamedes describe him as in press releases. That’s all. We aren’t talking about John Pilger exactly, are we.

  10. Ross B-P

    Let’s get this straight. Julian Ruck IS a bestselling author, the facts demonstrate this (maybe look them up?). Julian Ruck IS a respected Broad Sheet voice (perhaps one of the Carduff Latte Sniffers would like to show me how many of the Broad Sheets have them practically on speed dial for any literary activities in The Principality?) Julian Ruck IS on course. I am not saying you have to like his books (even though they are accepted as popular and good stories) or even his personality (again, this would go against the majority but such is freedom of choice ie good), but please drop the misguided and erroneous vitriol.

    • ‘Best selling’? Really? You have used the word vitriol on each post you have left on this site. Is your actual name Julian?
      Principality? Country.
      Popular and good stories? This has to be a spoof. They are not good, and check out Amazon’s novel rank, no one buys them!
      Or ask Gwales, his other distributor, how many they shift (at taxpayers expense).

      • Puppy

        If they were ‘best selling’ or ‘good’ surely they’d have a higher selling price than 1p! Demand dictates cost – no one wants them!

  11. welshnot

    Ross – you’re joking surely? You must be taking the piss with that litany of utter balls.

    The broadsheets with Ruck on speed-dial, the best-selling books, ‘accepted as popular and good stories’, wonderful.

    Jewels, this is a MUST!!! for the anthology.

  12. The Daily Llama

    Ruck’s latest mad post is a cracker. Yet again talking about Taffy Trolls and the Welsh mafia. It’s not just the Welsh who think you’re full of shit Julian, it’s the Brits as a nation, evidenced by the fact that three articulate, proper and read English writers are the ones who have taken you on in your blog.
    So, Julian thinks he makes the WBC money does he… is anyone going to check?:

    The Taffy Mafia strike again!
    The Welsh literature Establishment, in their sordid desperation to discredit and smear me yet again, have just come up with another little wheeze and I must say, that when it comes to playground initiative and resourcefulness it really does take the Taffy Welshcake.

    Apparently, I am indeed the recipient of tax-payer largesse after all!

    And do you know how?

    My books are partly sold through the Welsh Books Council distribution Centre, in Aberystwyth – a quango that is tax-payer funded to the tune of 5 million a year.

    Now, of course these playful little Easter bunnies are omitting to mention that:-

    1 I am, I suspect, one of the few Welsh writers that actually makes the WBC money – I have every confidence that its Chief Executive, Elwyn Jones will happily confirm this. All readers have to do is give the Council a ring, and do please bear in mind that none of my books have ever received one penny of tax-payer subsidy in the first place, unlike 99.9% of the other titles distributed by the WBC.

    2 The Taffy Trolls and mischievous Yappy Yahoos, also omit to mention that the WBC, along with other distributors of my books eg Gardners, Bertrams ……etc etc, take a 55% cut from the retail sale price of each book sold ie 40 odd percent to retailer, 15% to the distributor, in this case the WBC.

    Advantage to Ruck – nil.

    Advantage to the WBC – a nett gain and for once, a profitable return for the tax-payer.

    So, there you have it and as usual all I can say to all you beastly Ruck bashers is, declare your true identities and debate with me in a public forum with plenty of Press about, once and for all.

    Of course you’re not going to do this are you?

    All you have is personal attack and insult.

    You have no argument, and I reapeat,as the New York Daily News put it, ‘I have left you bloodied and writhing on the floor’.

    Get over it.


    • No Julian, I have more than personal attack and insult. You are an idiot, my dear fellow. A liar, plagiarist and an idiot.
      You claim no one debates with you, that all anyone has is vitriol?
      Well get involved in the discussion my dear, taxpayer costing, Jules!
      You have not been in the New York Daily News you silly sausage, you have been in their literature blog! Silly Julian. Have you read the comments on that blog post?
      You can’t even spell correctly Julian, but you have contempt for the written word don’t you? You are a plonker. Lets have a debate Julian, me vs you. Get the press there, I will beat you, in charm and content!

      For those who don’t know, I am John Abell!

  13. Dog Woman

    “Bloodied and writhing on the floor” – my worry is I really will be if his pig-ugly dog gets me. Damn it all, I reckon I’m going to have to buy and read one of his books so that I can participate more fully on this blog. I’m running out of dog/turd related anecdotes. I haven’t seen the blighter for weeks. Does anyone have a recommendation of which one I should “pop my (Fuck) cherry” with?

    • Puppy

      Have you not read this blog! Heed the warnings lest those monkeys have died in vain: reading Ruck is dangerous for your health! Just reading the pages covered in this blog is enough to give anyone a migrane!

  14. Ross B-P

    More rubbish and rhubarb being espoused from the mouths of the mealy minded Carduff Set. Listen to me, you are the ones who talk only in erroneous riddles and slimy subterfuge – you say he isn’t popular or on the Broad Sheet speed dial… but ALL evidence points to the contrary. And that is what kills you all the most. Face facts, pack your bags and sling your hooks! Bloody fools like you make idiots of yourselves. Although I cannot help but applaud the Daily Llama… in your post you reveal that the Welsh will always defer to their bigger, stronger brother over the Bristol Channel when it comes to big boy business. Applause for admitting it, but you must think on this: if big brother talks to us, it is through the conduit of Julian Ruck and you would be best to remember that.

  15. Pope Benedict

    My good friend, Dalai Lama, has brought it to my attention that your country boasts a truly enlightened fellow whose knowledge of the freedom of information act and claimed infallibility may be the perfect skillset for a vacancy recently announced in the press. I am given to understand that, being a Daily Mail reader, he may not have been made aware of my retirement as Roman Pontiff. The world will be done a great disservice if your chap Julian Ruck were not given the opportunity to apply for the post.

    There is some stiff competition. However, whilst he may appear to lack the relevant experience – together with any knowledge of Vatican law or confirmation into the Roman Catholic faith – I do not see such shortcoming as being any bar to his becoming the next Holy Father. After all, he has become Wales’s best selling author without possessing any of the usual pre-requisites for a job as a writer.

    I did try to make this offer to him on his own blog. Unfortunately, he blocked me on the grounds that I would not post under my real name. He accused me of “hiding, behind a cloak of anonymity” and being a “silly billy bully boy thug and acolyte of, Jeho-BAH and his ‘son’ the so-called Messiah (another cowardly pseudonym).”

    May God’s blessings be upon you.

    His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI

  16. Ross, if you are not Herr Ruck (or his intern) you reveal yourself to be an A grade idiot in that above post. Big Brother talks to us through the conduit of Julian Ruck? This has to be a joke?

    No one can be this terrible at being a human, can they?

    Broad sheet speed dial? This really must be a joke. Please tell me this is a joke. A plagiarist who sells 10 copies a year to himself? Are you serious Ross, I mean Ruck?

  17. Welshnot

    Head over to the Fake Julian Fuck’s read blog, which has had an overhaul and where he now calls himself ‘Author, Columnist and Political…’

    There you’ll be able to see his fine speech at the Kidwelly Festival (though not reference to the fact that it was not actually given), and many other delights.

    The man is a gift to satire. Still no news from the Heddlu. I thought they’d get me on the way back from 1/2 term but no luck.

  18. Welshnot

    I see Julian has come back to Mr Mosby with this superb retort. I think Mr Ruck is alliterate. Or do do I mean illatterate? Oh fuck it, here it is:

    “PPS And please note Mr Mosby, that I personally refrain from writing unkind critiques and committing murder on the individual works of others; instead, I prefer to leave such melodramatic disillusion and cruel fascism to those who have imbibed the intoxicating perfection of a Perfumed literary Garden and those who espouse the self-serving know-all sales puff and alliterate confidence tricks of Creating Writing Courses.”

    • Ross B-P

      Nice attempt at a joke but sadly it fails because you can’t write for toffee! Truth is and this is facts, Julian Ruck has shown on several Occasions evidential documenting of his A) sales figures B) publishing record. Why can’t you all drop your whinnying and your wining, put down your lattes and smell what is actually cooking, and that is… The Truth. Julian Ruck might not be Universally popular (especially amongst the Ivory Tower types and the academic no marks) but he IS popular with the man on the street, sick to death of having his ISAs hacked so his money can be washed down the proverbial sewage u-bend! Face it the days of the Principality (yes you read that right it IS a principality and we should be bloody proud of that) wasting her money on dribblers and slimes is coming to an end. Ross.

  19. Welshnot

    Ross, it was a lesson in wordplay you’d be well-advised to follow: keep it simple but subtle, and make sure the words you’re playing on are still recognisable to the reader, so they can see it’s a play on words. Your own riffs on Welsh publishers’ and authors’ names are so contorted it’s hard to tell who is being mocked.
    You say I can’t write for toffee. In your contributions to this thread, I’ve counted several spelling mistakes, a dozen or so punctuation errors, a lack of understanding about using capital letters (Germans use them for nouns, but you appear to use them for words you think are important), and an ignorance of how to deploy plumbing analogies.
    Yet so far we have called Ruck a liar for claiming he never submitted to Seren (and he has now admitted he did), for claiming he had an agent (he now admits he doesn’t any longer), for plagiarising, and then denying he had, and then admitting that he had when he was up against the wall, for claiming on his site that his crappy speech to delivered ‘at’ the Kidwelly E Fest, when we know it wasn’t because it was cancelled before he was due to give it, etc.
    When we get details of his sales, it will be the Nail in The, Coffin.

  20. Martin Luther King (ghost of)

    Ross, you are the Boswell to Julian Ruck’s Doctor Johnson. Don’t let these misfits, ingrates, extremists, pedants and trolls deflect you from your crusade.
    Malcolm X (ghost of, rather than Malcolm Cross) will be along shortly to demonstrate the Buffoon Power Salute. It involves raising your right fist, wrapped in a yellow spotted cravat, and holding a Police Incident Number.

  21. Ross B-P

    Jealousy will get you nowhere although it would appear that it is all that powers the likes of you. Sad as I say. Where is Your evidence that JR does not sell by the bucket full? Fact is and it is a fact, he sells by the thousand. You can try and mock my punctuation but then again I do not profess to be a scribe or an Author, I do rather well in my own career so far thank you. As for the pun names well that is typical spite, and unfounded, too. You don’t work for Prat-ithan, Sullen or Hobo by any chance do you? Eating your salads from taxpayers money I’d bet! The Truth Will Out.

    • Ross dear boy, take a look at these illustrious sales figures.

      They are Julian Ruck’s ebook (a form of publishing he is particularly keen on) paltry figures.
      Now look at Owen Sheers novel rank.

      Ross my dear fellow there in lies gulf between a bestselling author and a charlatan like Julian.
      If you aware of any other Welsh authors, try them out as well, they are in translation in Europe too!

      Also Wales was only a principality under English law between 1536 and 1542. It was commonly known in law as a part of England until the Wales and Berwick act of 1746 was repealed in 1967 when the country I now live in became known as England and Wales after Cardiff was made a capital city in 1955. They are still separate political and legal divisions. Wales has a separate national identity to England and I am sure the residents of both countries, appreciate and respect that fact. A history lesson for you Ross!

  22. Welshnot

    OK, Ross, you’ve spouted enough shit: go and correct these errors, then come back with some evidence that Julian has sold thousands (his books sell less than one a month on average through amazon, are not in shops, and WBC distribution sales are nil, or close enough, and the attendance at his readings and talks is so small his audience, when it turns up, would fit on a bird table):

    Comma needed after ‘nowhere’, and before ‘although’
    Comma needed after ‘sad’ and before ‘as’
    Your evidence should read your evidence
    Bucketful not bucket full
    The fact is, not ‘Fact is’. Probably a colon instead of a comma after that too, but debatable.
    No-one needs to ‘try’ to mock your punctuation and spelling, it’s like shooting fish in a barrel
    No capital needed on Author
    taxpayers’ money – apostrohope needed after s

    No, I don’t work for Welsh publishers. My profession is education.

  23. Prove your ‘fact’, dear boy. Link to proof of your ‘fact’. And watch out – that’s Hogarth over there looking at you over a cocked thumb! Oh, by the way, what ‘pun names’ are you talking about?

  24. Welshnot

    Can we have some more polls – the last one was very good: let’s have one on why the police haven’t arrested us:

    1 – because Julian, who never bluffs, was bluffing
    or 2 – because he doesn’t have a case
    or 3 (any others, Jewels?)…

  25. Ross B-P

    Right so I see that you turn your bloody vitriol towards me when I ask for facts and all you can repeat are the same old stories (good word stories, means not true). Save your breath it is all for nothing and you might want to conserve your energy for the upcoming months. Julian Ruck is taking everything to task. I shall say it again, Julian Ruck has provided Physical Evidence of his sales ( asopposed to your doctored internet images no doubt, how convenient?) and also physical evidence of his close relationships with the London Broad Sheets. But I say again you do not have to like him for what it’s worth you might even hate him (typical melodrama that the Latte Set indulge in to a worrying degree this website a prime example) but overall, when all is said, and done, you have to hold your hands up and respect him and give credit where it is due. I shan’t hold my breath.

    • Ross B-P

      As for WelshNot you say you are in education, those were your exact words, well let me ask how is revision for your GCSEs coming along?

      • Oh, Ross, you absolute love. You’ve no idea how entertaining that is. Now, you keep talking about facts, and Julian’s ‘Physical Evidence’ of his sales – where is it? Can we see it? Or is it the kind of ‘evidence’ that doesn’t get shared?!

  26. thelatteliterati

    Jewels, dear Jewels, I am wasting away
    for want of your jewels.
    I am turning my face to the wall
    like Barbara Allen’s rejected love.

    I fear I might expire without the daily sustenance
    of your jewels. Venturing by
    I find you let these others
    here proclaim their wit. Where’s yours, sweet Jewels?

    I fear I might be driven to despair; I fear
    it might require the dangerous reading of Mr Ruck.
    The consequences are unimaginable and dire.
    And all this due to your new modesty.

    I beg you, please, don’t hide your jewels from me.

  27. Pc Ap Plod, Aka Carwyn's Peeler. Aka Footsoldier Of The Soviet Peoples Republic Of Wales

    Well well well, what on earth is going on here! Following an expensive (for the taxpayer) and strenuous investigation of dog shit, I have discovered that the said substance is offensive only when trod on.
    My investigation, however, has lead me down more sinister paths.
    I have discovered a strange type of semi-literate writing borne out and spawned in our glorious nation state and propogated by three main and seditious perpetrators.
    The lowliest of the three is Ms G Brightmore who lied before our glorious Books Ministry Of Propaganda and swindled it to the tune of 5000 Welsoc Roubles!
    The second rather less treacherous and criminal element is the prole, Ross B.P. He has merely been sentenced to seven lifetimes hard labour in the Bardsey island Gulag, sentence could be shortened to an ice cream in Tenby if he renounces his evil crimes against grammar and knowledge: or confesses to be a spoof.
    The main, most wicked criminal in this vast, teeming underworld of three subversives is a Mr Julian Ruck.
    For wasting my time by phoning me up whinging about bloggers with bags of turd I felt like lobbing one at his window, but for a laugh like, I posted one of his books through the letter box, because, you know, they smell worse mun! Bloody stinks they do like!

    • Dog Woman

      You probably think I’m obsessed with dog shit…………..and you’re right! Anyway, i couldn’t leave the mention of dog shit go without comment – and yes I know I’m veering off the suject matter but I DON’T CARE (see the programme on Tuesday re the litter – including dog shit – vigilantes? People after my own heart, and my future following retirement I suspect)!
      Dog shit is offensive not just to tread in, but to see, smell, and have to brush off your own dogs’ teeth (yes my dogs are naughty, dirty little bastards, but somehow I can’t help but love ’em – kinda like the Monkeys on here I think).

  28. Welshnot

    My reply to Ruck’s shitty post trying to pretend that Simon Jenkins has suddenly grabbed onto Ruck’s coat tails. Ruck is a total fantasist:

    “Sorry Julian that isn’t really what he says – read the article. You’ll also notice that he doesn’t attack devolution, he’s making a point about post-industrialism, and describes himself as a nationist, as here:

    I am not a Welsh nationalist but a Welsh nationist. I think of the identity of Wales as a cultural as well as a political unit is very important.

    “The word is not independence but non dependence on someone else.

    “We have the raw materials to do it. We just need the confidence and sense of pride.”

    This is very different from anything you’ve said, and I think Jenkins would be horrified to have you twisting his words for your own ignorant vanity.

    I still await your posting of my comment re Hilary Mantel, and my corrections to bullshit you spouted about GCSEs and the Welsh Bac.

    You’re an appalling coward and you run from debate.”

    • Ross B-P

      Thing is though you can preport to a high-feluten stance and roll out cliche after cliche but at the end of the day, you know that Julian Ruck has a point. A point that you may not necessarily agree with at it’s core, but a point none the less. Sad that you feel the need to voice your ammunition here rather than take up his offer of a public, and non-anonomous debate but such is life and such is the era of the internet. I have said it once and I shall say it again, not one person on here has provided a single piece of factual information that counters any claim (physically proven) by Julian Ruck. So we are at a stalemate but Ruck has Queen, Rook and King and the best the Litterpickeratti can hope for is a Defensive Draw. Ross.

      • riderofthewelshliteraturegravytrain

        If Ruck had a point, it got lost in the bile, the misogyny, the poor grammar and the CAPSLOCK!! posts that he has been writing over the past few months.

  29. Welshnot


    purport not preport
    high falutin, not high feluten
    its not it’s
    nonetheless is one word
    anonymous not ananomous

    still no evidence of Ruck’s sales, though plenty of evidence that he’s lied, plagiarised, made bigoted comments, written shit novels and smeared real writers.

    are you a spoof or what?

  30. The borderline illiteracy of Ruck’s supporters is revealing. The books typesetting works out at around £300 for around 70 pages. Spoke to a few in the week whilst having a meeting about doing illustrations for a book due out in October.
    Doing a write up for the book project of the Kidwell-e, will be an entertaining read!

  31. Welshnot

    John: ‘borderline illiteracy’ in your sentence has one word too many (it isn’t ‘illiteracy’) and ‘supporters’ should read ‘supporter’ (no plural needed there, I think!).

    Yes, it’s looking good for the Ruck/Fuck anthology.

  32. Leonard Rossiter

    This is what the website of the Kidwell-E festival says about the judging of the e-novel prize:

    “The judging panel for the Kidwell-e Ebook Award — consisting of Wendy Berliner (Head of Education for The Guardian’s online professional networks), author and Welsh National Opera dramaturg Simon Rees, Peter Newsom (Mediterranean Sales Rep for Faber), award-winning historian David Davies and best-selling Welsh author Julian Ruck — felt Caposcripti “best demonstrated the qualities of innovation, quality and entertainment in e-book fiction”.”

    Has anyone actually contacted Wendy Berliner, David Davies, Peter Newsom and Simon Rees to establish exactly what their input into this farce was? How the prize was judged, who read what and how? Ruck himself is reported as having said he didn’t read all of the winning book himself, so what exactly did the other judges do?

    Time for someone to write to them all and find out exactly in what way they were associated with this travesty of a festival, whether they were there, and how any decision was reached in the first place.

  33. welshnot

    Where’s the Jewels from Julian St David’s Day message to Julian? You missed a trick there, Jewels.

  34. welshnot

    Here’s an ad for Julian’s next ‘talk’. He tells us to hold on to our pants. What designs does he have on our smalls?

    Creative writing? I’ll be having a few laughs, together with some literary tittle-tattle about the whole magnificently inflated ’I AM’ writing process.

    Precious? Egotistical? Self-important?

    Not me, thank God.

    Just a quick ‘What’s what’ and hold on to your pants!


    • Ross B-P

      Give it up, it is… Over. As Julian Ruck points out, you have run out of gas or should that be hot air (of the nasally offensive kind I might add!) He goes from strength to strength, bookings, media connections and so on and what do the Dribblers and LatteSlurpers have? Nort. Best of luck, RBP.

      • Dear boy! Now, weren’t you going to prove Julian’s ‘best-selling’ sales figures to us? Oh, en-passant, ‘best-selling’ usually refers to an author who has been included on a (wait for it!) ‘best-selling’ list somewhere. Could you tell us which ‘best-selling’ lists Julian’s been included on? Just so that we can see the error of our ways…:)

  35. welshnot

    Julian seems to be claiming that we’ve all gone silent due to police investigation, and possibly incarceration: is this true?
    Here is my question to him earlier:

    Dear Julian,
    I’ve not yet heard from the Boys in Blue – could you clarify in what ways the investigation is progressing? Jewels from Julian hasn’t either by the looks of it, so I’m rather puzzled at your statements here. Are you sure you’re not confusing reality with one of your novels?
    all the very best,

  36. welshnot

    “These unbalanced and sorry people, who have nothing better to do than sit in front of anonymous computer screens venting their cowardly inadequacies will be brought to book,…”

    Julian promises. So long as it isn’t one of his books, I can take it.

    • Dog Woman

      @ welshnot – LOL! No I think we’re safe, he didn’t say “a” book.
      Hey have you noticed that when the site goes a bit quiet, Mr Fuck pipes up again? Does he love the attention, or is it that it keeps his name higher up in the seach rankings.

  37. welshnot

    How does one go about getting details from Dyfed Powys police about their investigation, and also how much it costs the taxpayer?

    • FoI requests have to be direct (ie to a postal or email address for Dyfed Powys police), made in writing (which includes emails), with a real name and an address for the response (which includes email addresses). You don’t have to mention that it’s an FoI request (although the Information Commissioner’s Office tend to think it helps if you do) and you don’t have to say why you want the information.

  38. What a pathetic lot of losers who are who fuel this blog hiding behind ridiculous psuedo names , and being too cowardly to reveal your identities like the bully boys you really are.
    All you’re doing is giving Mr.Ruck free publicity as no one with any intellect takes this verbal dysentery seriously.
    To go to such lengths you must be secretly fascinated by your inexhaustible subject. Julian has in fact made your literary day !
    Well done welsh’nut’ et al.

  39. It is appropriate time to make some plans for the long
    run and it is time to be happy. I’ve read this post and if I may just I desire to counsel you some attention-grabbing issues or tips. Perhaps you could write next articles relating to this article. I wish to learn more issues approximately it!

    • Gillian Brightmore

      See you about 2pm.after calling in Swansea. Thought I’d fwd this rubbish as ROSS is fighting your corner here. I won’t dignify this stuff with any comment myself. John.. whoever states he was “not ashamed ” of the behaviour in in Chapter of himself & et al. G

      • Bit early in the morning for vodka, isn’t it, Gillian?! Or did you actually mean to answer a spam comment? Perhaps you’ve read too much Ruckery to be able to tell the difference any more…

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