Book Signings

Signing events for 2011 will take place at the following WHSmith stores:

Guildford Saturday 5th March

Kingston upon Thames Saturday 12th March

Bristol(Galleries) Friday 18th March

Hereford Saturday 19th March

Bath Friday 25th March

Reading Saturday 26th March

Cheltenham Friday 1st April

Oxford Saturday 2nd April

Staines Saturday 9th April

Swindon Saturday 16th April

Bury St Edmunds Friday 6th May

Ipswich Saturday 7th May

Crawley Friday 13th May

Brighton Saturday 14th May

Exeter Friday 20th May

Plymouth Saturday 21st May

Worcester Friday 27th May

Birmingham(Fort Shopping Park) Saturday 28th May

Coventry Friday 10th June

Birmingham(City Centre) Saturday 11th June

Kingston Saturday 18th June

Bristol Saturday 25th June

Guildford Sat 16th July


2 responses to “Book Signings

  1. cerigrafu

    There’s never a suicide bomber around when you need one. Is there any way we can send a list of this year’s dates to suitable candidates? If there are any dates, of course.

    • Dear Dyfed-Powys police visitors,

      The above comment is a joke. Like the ‘threat’ on Twitter to blow up Manchester Airport, it is meant in good humour and with no malice. The anonymous poster who made this joke is, in my opinion, attempting to make people laugh, and has no intention of asking any suicide bombers to attend any book signings.

      I do not consider the above comment an incitement to become a suicide bomber, OR to attend any book signings. I am sure that other readers of this homage blog likewise feel entirely unincited by this post, and I hope that they will let you know that they believe it to be a joke.

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