Those fools at the Guardian

They’re taking liberties with Julian again – it really is too much to bear.

This time, they’ve wilfully ignored his credentials to be considered as one of the worst novelists of all time.

To be honest, the competition is pretty ordinary, for the most part. The headliner, Amanda McKittrick Ros, is lavished with admiration for such gems as:

“She tried hard to keep herself a stranger to her poor old father’s slight income by the use of the finest production of steel, whose blunt edge eyed the reely covering with marked greed, and offered its sharp dart to faultless fabrics of flaxen fineness.”

Okay, it has its weak points. But any single one of Julian’s musings on lavatorial habits is surely streets ahead, and deserves recognition.

I think someone with a Grauniad commenting account should direct them towards Julian’s own blog (and perhaps point them here as well, so that they can find some of his finest work without having to work too hard!).

[I’d set a monkey to do it, but I had to ban them from commenting on the Grauniad – they just kept finding themselves in endless discussions about xenophobia and interior design.]

P.S. Hope this gives you a chuckle, Julian! I notice you haven’t had time to post the Declaration of Juliependence on your blog yet, but the monkeys promise me you will. Their faith is so touching.



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3 responses to “Those fools at the Guardian

  1. Another perverse scandal! How can the Guardian overlook the monumental lack of talent that is Julian? The Guardian UTTER,LY DISCREDDDI;TTTED!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I love this line from a book, An Equal Judge I believe:

    “Fortunately the man’s sexual staying power has been less transitory and indeed he had also observed strict but necessary protocols.”

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