A summary of this blog in one picture

A picture of Julian Ruck's books being pulped

The pulping of Rogered Caffis

I think that picture makes the rest of this blog redundant, doesn’t it?!

Having said that, there are of course mistakes on page 10 – unusually, though, they’re not mostly about commas. In fact, none of the 10 commas on this page is technically incorrect, which is a delightful surprise. It comes at the cost of more clunky, short sentences, inevitably enough – and for the purist, there is one missing comma.

Missing commas don’t suffer as much as commas in the wrong place, though, so we’ll not focus on that.

[What, you want to know where there’s a comma missing, Julian? No, no dice, we’ve done more than enough proofreading for the inevitable second edition of Boggled Clips (which I suppose will have to be a self-published limited edition, judging from the pic up at the top there!). But look, if you can find it, and comment to let us know, we’ll let you do a guest post on this blog…;-)].

The most entertaining hiccup on this page is one which, in another writer, we’d put down as a typo. With Julian, though, you just never can be sure.

He’s indulging in dialogue (bad idea, Julian, it’s not one of your strengths). He’s showing that Bronwyn has a Welsh accent by the clever insertion of an apostrophe instead of the letter H – you know, ‘ave, ‘im, ‘alf, ‘imself, that sort of inventive stuff. But just when you’re on the verge of death by tedium, he builds to a memorable crescendo:

Couple of weeks back he lost a coffin’ with the corpse still in it!

I love the way that the ‘he’ in there escaped the proofreader (What’s that you tell me? Julian doesn’t have a proofreader? Fie, for shame, that cannot be!) – but coffin gets the apostrophe instead.

That’s short for coffinh, I presume.

Or perhaps coffing.

I know, I know, it’s small beer by Julian’s standards. It pleased the monkeys, though, and that’s what really matters. If we ever get around to page 11, there’s some sillier stuff ready and waiting…



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2 responses to “A summary of this blog in one picture

  1. grassroots labour supporter

    Next page please, it can’t be sillier than Julian’s ‘infuential’ columns?

  2. Rhys

    Meanwhile, look who’s recently created a Wikipedia account in order to create one solitary page:


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