New ‘best ever’ number of views

We seem to be getting a new ‘best ever’ number of views pretty much every other day at the moment.

I put it down to Julian’s tireless efforts to promote this blog via press releases, interviews and of course complaints to the police. He’s achieving wonders for our traffic, and deserves some sort of award.

Google may be part of it too, of course, but Julian’s doing his best to lend a helping hand there as well, by leaving comments in his own name on this blog. His kindness and generosity know no limits.



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8 responses to “New ‘best ever’ number of views

  1. Strike a light, guv’nor, we’ve shattered the record again today and it’s not even vodka o’clock. Those comma-loving post-sharing marvels amongst our dear readers, the (not entirely real) monkeys and I salute you.

  2. Puppy

    My personal belief is that this blog is run by Julian Ruck, that he was so upset and depressed by the lack of intrest in his attempts at writing and festival organising that he decided to take the piss out of himself and thus in some way gain popularity. Well done Mr Ruck, I salute your ability to laugh at yourself with everyone else!

  3. thelatteliterati

    Puppy, you are making the loss of the monkeys easier to bear.

    • Puppy

      Aha but see – if Julian himself runs the blog and the monkeys are figments of his imagination who’s to say I’m not too? And I am just a substitute for the monkeys? Similarly Mrs Penn-Thomas and Dog Woman who (it has already been established) are the same person may infact also be aspects of Mr Ruck? Perhaps the stress his lack of success caused his personality to shatter into so many amusing characters?

      • Jealous though I am of LL’s admiration of you, I must admit that you are a rare and lovely jewel (and I am a connoisseur in such matters). I assure you, however, that there can be no substitute for my monkeys. As soon as the police investigation winds down, I will reveal in dramatic triumph that they are not imaginary at all! Oh, indeed.

    • I hope that’s not a declaration of love.

  4. Mrs Penn-Thomas

    I fear you may be right Puppy. I may be Mr Ruck as I have found myself looking fondly at yellow handkerchiefs recently.

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