Julian, quick, have a look at this – Grammarly!


This is what Grammarly thought of one of Julian’s own occasional attempts to tell other people how to write:

Forget reams of descriptive baloney, might sound good but your average reader couldn’t care less if weeping leaves reflect their agony to eyes that see nothing or trees that whisper wispy sweet somethings to a greyness that has forgotten time and place while little fairies of forgotten imagination strut their sparkling limbs across moonbeams replete with drastic love and memories of so much that could have been………. You get my drift.

We can all yell words, they are pretty cheap after all, but it’s the story-line that matters and the written atmosphere that the reader can feel and touch, without being suffocated.

Oh, those wispy-whispering trees! Oh, that atmosphere that the reader can feel and touch! O tempora! O mores!

But look, Julian – if Grammarly can catch as much of the tripe in that little piece as it did, it’s got to be a sure bet for curing your problems with commas. Puppy’s right – give it a go!

Either that, or do please stop using commas entirely. They shouldn’t have to suffer so.



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5 responses to “Julian, quick, have a look at this – Grammarly!

  1. Puppy

    Have the monkeys seen this?

    I think the title should be “News flash – as well as being unable to use commas, Julian Ruck also fails at math!”
    33,000 a year / 52 (weeks) = 643 views a week or 1,500 a week?

  2. Dog Woman

    PUPPY! Get down at once! You naughty thing! Leave the nice man alone!

    • Puppy

      I’m merely pointing out facts!!! =p

      • I’m growing a little concerned that the comments on this blog are now often funnier than the original posts. Oh, have a heart, Puppy – surely Julian should be left something to abuse, apart from himself? Let us draw a kindly veil over his innumeracy, and focus our efforts on defending the last few commas he has yet to brutalise.

      • Mrs Penn-Thomas

        I was going to let my Pussy comment on here. But Mr Ruck’s blood pressure is already a cause for concern.

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