Google vs Julian Ruck

One of the main reasons the (non-existent, officer!) monkeys and I decided to start this homage site to Julian was a very real concern that people who encountered his muscular self-promotion without any context might be lured into parting with their hard-earned cash for one of his eye-wateringly badly written novels.

It gives me and my (imaginary!) monkeys no little pleasure, then, to see that Google has joined us in the quest for critical balance. A search for Julian Ruck on Google now gives first page prominence to this blog (variously in third or fourth position), John Abell’s analysis of Julian as a comic creation, Steve Mosby’s analysis of Julian as a plagiarist (via John Abell’s blog) and David Hewson’s report on Julian’s ‘car crash’ of a festival in Kidwelly.

Prospective readers will now have every chance to consider alternative views of Julian’s literary merit – and if we’ve saved even a single innocent reader from wasting 1p on Amazon, then all the monkeys’ hard work will have been worthwhile.

And if you need a little extra delight with your coffee, consider this – Julian’s own unimaginative, bullying and ad hom comments on this blog have helped us improve our ranking for the term ‘Julian Ruck’. Now that looks a lot like poetic justic!



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9 responses to “Google vs Julian Ruck

  1. The Dalai Lama

    This is an outrage. I have read todays news that the police are investigating your attacks on saint Julian of I kidyounot. I am especially concerned at threats to hurl both dogshit and Julian ruck books at his windows. How are the police expected to tell the two items apart when they bag up the evidence?

  2. Before they were stamped brutally out of existence, the monkeys had intended to arrange with the police to throw dogshit and books on alternate weekends, in order to deal with precisely this problem.

  3. The Dalai Lama

    Thank you, I am, reasured that things have been thought, through. This should help with the post bgfing triage.


  5. Mrs Penn-Thomas

    I feel like Spartacus now.

  6. Who threw ‘really’ threw pathetic garbage on to this site one can but wonder. And can people in glass houses throw stones?
    Evidently so, when the likes of Mr. ‘Parthian’ Davies and Mr .Abel attend a public talk at Chapter then BULLY everyone who have paid to come along into abject silence.
    I always knew that ,’democracy’ was a concept alien to many people in Wales.In -fighting and discrimination is the name of the game played here, is it not Mrs .P-T.?
    This blog is like the rantings of overgrown and spoilt children.


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