Hints to Julian: how to get more comments

I know you’re a fan of WordPress stats, Julian (and I’m sure both you and I enjoyed seeing that JewelsfromJulian is one of your highest referrers!) – so I’m sure you’ll be a little disappointed with how few comments your posts get compared to how much discussion we have here at Fuck Towers.

Here’s the secret sauce: don’t censor them!

No, really, it’s amazing how much people will contribute if you don’t try to censor them. Since you stand shoulder to shoulder with Martin Luther King in the great struggle against oppression, I’m a little surprised you hadn’t already worked that out.



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10 responses to “Hints to Julian: how to get more comments

  1. Here’s my challenge to Julian earlier:

    I look forward to this Julian, and since you have my email you can direct the police directly to me.
    Meanwhile, I have arranged for us to have a discussion, online, moderated by a neutral party (to avoid censorship, rather than to impose it), in which we can discuss a range of issues: from arts subsidies to your own relationship with the truth.
    Let me know, either by email or by posting this comment an dreplying to it, if you are interested.

  2. Martin Luther King (ghost of)

    I am proud to stand shoulder to, shoulder with Julian, Ruck in his fight for justice in today’s Wales. The plight of the white, upper-middle-class English-speaking people of Wales is akin to the situation of Black, people in the US in the pre-civil rights era. You naughty Welsh have done your utmost to harrass [sic] and, insult a great, man and a great writer, and you will be judged accordingly. I look forward to your trial , which will be as symbolic as the great civil rights trials of the 1960s.

  3. Martin Luther King (ghost of)

    Well, you’ve been, warned: it takes, a lot to get me out of the grave these days, but even out here in the afterlife we’ve heard about the atrocities perpetrated upon Julian’s ‘hearth and home’. And we don’t take it, lightly.
    You’ve been , warned.

    • It’s uncannily good. I particularly like the extra space before the last one – absolutely true to life. You do know how difficult it’s going to be when you try to start using them normally again, don’t you?!

  4. Martin Luther King (ghost of)

    I am humbled to be part of Julian, Ruck’s crusade for the truth. Word is that Nelson Madela and the Dalai Lama are also on the case.
    Here is a lovely piece of poetry from Julian’s perpetually-changing blog post about the police.
    Watch and learn, writers. Or rather : Watch and, learn writers:

    “They lead lives of failure, tragic Dorian Gray ugliness and hum-drum corner-shop insignificance.

    A terrible pity, is all they deserve.”

  5. I do like that you Jewels, Twitter and myself are Mr Ruck’s bigger referrers. Not the most ideal of situations for him but it did fill me much pride.

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