The same stuff happens in England, Julian – what do you make of that?

Here’s another worthy contribution from Welshnot:

You attack Welsh arts council funding for writers and publishers, and have claimed that it doesn’t happen in England. Not true: independent publishers such as Bloodaxe (who publish RS Thomas) and Carcanet (who publish Gillian Clarke, Robert Minhinnick etc) are funded by Arts council England with far more money than Seren, for instance. As are publishers like Arc, Shearsman, and many, many others.

Recently, Faber and Faber received arts council money to find new talent, and they’re a totally commercial enterprise. You deliberately blocked my comments relating to this in your blog. You claim that writers in England don’t get bursaries, but as you know full well they do: they get residencies and writing time funded, and many organisations such as Poet in the City are funded by the arts council to put on readings and events. I know, I send my pupils to many of their events, and ‘writer in residence’ positions are more often than not funded by grants. You claimed Owen Sheers was never helped by grant money, but when I corrected you you simply blocked me, but allowed a nasty personal comment by ‘Literature Wales’ (another site that blocks comments after smearing individuals) against Sheers in its place.

All of this information is freely available in arts council reports and in the reports of the publishers who account for how they have spent the money. Your FOI requests are a diversion from the fact that the information is freely available anyway.

So what is your beef against literature funding in Wales? Wales is doing what everywhere else does, you just don’t like it because you haven’t benefited from it, though you have tried.

Why not ‘fess up, and deal with the fact that, as in all situations where money is distributed, there will be winners and there will be losers? Sometimes it may be, or feel, unfair, but that’s a far cry from a conspiracy of corruption. If there is corruption, prove it: find us some evidence of misappropriated funds and nepotistic awarding practices.


What do you make of that, then, Julian? Too difficult for you to answer? Or do you think that what’s good in England is bad in Wales?



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14 responses to “The same stuff happens in England, Julian – what do you make of that?

  1. welshnot

    Thank you Jewels, here is my offer to Julian, made this very morning, on his blo:

    “Bring them on, as they say!”

    Yes indeed.

    Here I am Julian. Where are you? Hiding?

    How about this deal: you promise, in public, to publish my comments in the spirit of free debate, and stop hiding things you don’t like, and we can have a debate.

    We can start with your credentials, and we can clear up the small matter of your rejection by Seren and Parthian, your claims about having an agent, your run-in with the law regarding plagiarism, etc., and I will in turn provide a defence of public subsidy for literature and indeed all the other arts.

    Out in the open, perhaps even moderated by someone neutral, so that we can be sure you’re not censoring your blog.

  2. welshnot

    Funny you should say that, but he has now called the police for my alleged ‘harrassment’ [sic.], so I await the handcuffs. This, after he asked me for my phone number so we could talk.
    I recall he called the boys in blue over you too – did the full force of the law ever come down on the monkeys?
    This is the same sort of persecution as Martin Luther King suffered, and if the Welsh police don’t act on this now THEY ARE, TOTALLY DISCREDITED!

    • The monkeys and I have been surprised and disappointed not to have received any communication from the police, despite Julian’s promise that he doesn’t ‘make idle threats’. I suspect you will have as little joy as we did. I’d love to know if he wrote to the police in green ink, though.

  3. welshnot

    Julian and I are having something of a ‘dialogue de sourds’, as they say in French: I post something, he censors it, but replies accusing me of all sorts of crap, such as posting under different names etc (well, once I did, as Paul Davies), and threatening me with the police.

    Here is my latest:

    I don’t speak Welsh, and I have only ever commented on your blog under this name and from this email address (which is visible to you). My comments have never been about Welsh language issues (except one, where I unearthed some bigoted comments of your about Welsh), and all about smoking out your porkies and challenging you to prove your endless allegations.
    You have run away from debate, and even now you attack me but won’t give me the right of reply. This is why you are a coward.
    None of my comments have been about Welsh nationalism, as you know full well.
    I look forward to discussing this with the police – it will be hugely entertaining, especially since your blog is littered with demands for people to engage with you, none of which you’ve published. The whole point of your blog is that you seek out controversy but cannot take it; you attack people and claim to want debate, but you will not publish it.
    So show some guts and publish me, don’t keep running away.
    You have my email address.

  4. Felicity Horton

    I have to put my hands up and confess to being one of Welshnot’s aliases at least according to Julian. It would seem that he thinks that anyone who disagrees with him must be one person or part of that conspiratorial coffee house clique. On that basis he has also censored my comments and blocked any further ones!

  5. welshnot

    Yes, I noticed you had your comments blocked. Thing is, Julian knows perfectly well we are not multiple posters or pseudonyms (well, I used a friend’s I-Pad for Paul Davies’s MLK gag, but that’s all), because you have to sign in to wordpress to comment: this means he sees the individual and the email address (in my case with a real name) attached it.
    He likes to pretend we’re all one person because it helps him with his Martin Luther King complex.
    Today he is an expert on education.
    I have tried to help him, in my capacity as a teacher, and have left this:

    Dear Julian,
    I’m sorry, you’re confused: the Welsh Bac is modelled on the international Bac, and is a perfectly good European model. It has been running for years, far from being ‘the new Welsh Bac’. Schools which do not use the WB will retain GCSAEs and A levels, i.e. just like they’ve had in England and Wales for decades. It’s England that is changing its system, and even a modicum of knowledge about what is happening there will reveal that it’s hugely controversial and unproved.
    re your statement about Welsh universities: exactly the opposite is the case, i.e. record numbers of English students are coming to Welsh universities (heaven forbid you’d admit we were doing something right though!), though Welsh students applying to universities has gone down. It is largely because of fees, and there is no – zero – evidence to suggest that Welsh qualifications are frowned upon.
    I am trying to help you here, because really you’ve got no idea what you’re talking about.
    Sorry. If this is ‘harrassment’ [sic] then I await the police.
    Glad to see you sorted out the Colosseum business.
    all the very best,

  6. Felicity Horton

    Yes he does have a tendency to think himself qualified to proclaim about subjects about which he knows little.
    I can’t decide whether he is really deluded enough to believe he is like some revolutionary hero about to lead the Welsh people in the fight against injustice and tyranny or all of this reactionary and right wing posturing is a cynical attempt to get as much publicity as possible.

  7. Here is a message for Julian’s sidekick, Gillian:

    Dear Gillian,
    You received a Wales Arts council bursary in , I recall, 1999, to work on a short story collection. Please tell us how much it was for and whether you ever published it? (I know you didn’t – does Julian?).
    This is what the Writers of Wales entry says, and since you wrote it, I refer you to it: ‘WAC Writers’ Bursary for a short story collection from 1999-2000.’
    Where’s the book Gillian? The taxpayer bought your time, now tell us where the publication is.
    Honno, whom you hate, have published a couple of your stories, but did they rejected your book the same way Seren rejected Julian’s?
    Days of shame indeed – you are a WAC grant recipient – why not come clean? You may be a failed writer, but you’re a failed writer who has made money out of the taxpayer.
    Please answer this.

    • riderofthewelshliteraturegravytrain

      and a ‘Prat-i-than’ publication.

      In the words of ‘Dear Mr Ruck’, TOTALLY, DISCREDITED!!!!

    • Ouch. That much hypocrisy must be physically painful.

      So both Julian and Gillian have been turned down by Welsh publishers (although Gillian managed to snap up some taxpayer cash on the way) and now think it’s dreadful that anyone else should get published or win grants. But they think other people will trust them as impartial commentators?!

      I’m now having to allow the monkeys a ten minute ‘laughter break’ every hour. It’s amazing how much it slows down production.

  8. welshnot


  9. Felicity Horton

    Silly billy! don’t you know ‘its just a teeny tiny nothing when Jules does a bit of plagiarising or he or his acolytes apply for funding or to Seren but if anyone else does it is VERY VERY BAD!

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