Some questions for Julian Ruck – from a reader

…a reader of this blog, I mean, rather than a reader of Julian Ruck’s crimes against grammar (or ‘novels’, as he charmingly calls them).

I’ll be at your talk Julian, with a flier comparing your allegations about yourself (that you’ve never approached Welsh publishers) with evidence that you have, and are in fact telling porkies, with some of your choice anti-Welsh comments and some questions about your sales figures, ‘agent’ etc.

I hope you’ll give me the chance to speak. My own FOI emails to Welsh publishers reveal that you’ve approached at least two of them. I have asked them for the correspondence pertaining to your rejection, because I’m sure it’s entertaining!

I’ve also sent some of these corrections to the Auditor General and the political representatives you have written to with your allegations. My point to them comes in two parts: you’ve told untruths about yourself, and you’ve alleged corruption against others that you cannot prove.

Publish this Julian, don’t disappoint us.

Any comments, Julian?

And oh, by the way, weren’t you going to make me (and my innocent monkeys, presumably) ‘answer for the consequences’ of this ‘abusive,conterfeit and defamatory blog’ (sic) by taking action ‘both civil and criminal’?

And you did promise that you don’t make idle threats…;-)



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19 responses to “Some questions for Julian Ruck – from a reader

  1. I asked Julian if the sudden ‘rush’ of sales on amazon as documented on Novel Rank was just a coincidence – my having pointed out there were no sales in 2 months for the Blenched Briefs. He hasn’t answered. It is a bit odd though, surely, that as soon as I tell Julian about his Novel Rank 0 sales, miraculously, the copies fly off.
    Does the man buy his own books as well as review them and pay for their publication?
    What a wheeze.

  2. It’s not entirely impossible that he suffers from the slightest possible touch of confirmation bias! My monkeys are developing a certain grudging admiration of his capacity for constructing alternative realities.

  3. I know, he is certainly good at inventing characters.
    I am wondering what the best place to post an exchange between him and a Welsh publisher, in which he reacts very badly to being rejected, and rather goes off on one. I offered Julian the chance to publish it and to retract his claims that he’d never approached Welsh publishers, since I know now that he has, but he won’t answer.
    Question is: would it be descending to his level to do this, or would it just be entering into the spirit of the debate he wants us to have?

  4. There is a strong case that engaging with him in any way is pointless. The reason the monkeys are so determined to carry on is that Julian is fond of making offensive statements about other people, while trying to draw the wool over the eyes of potential readers with his approach to online debate and reviews.

    So yes, I think it is reasonable to publish material which shows how Julian Ruck treats people who disagree with him.

  5. I really would love a response from Julian but its not possible. I will not censor him. I had to write that article on my blog because he needs criticism, awful writer with a voice disproportionate of his ideas. I know he has read it, gutted he hasn’t even threatened to sue me!

  6. Yes, I’m afraid you’re not in the club until Julian’s promised to sue you – he doesn’t make idle threats, you know…;-) The monkeys feel rather sorry for him, despite his bile, because he really does appear to need to believe that he is a writer. Poor old chap. He’s probably got all sorts of nasty boils on the inside caused by his secret fear that the people who say he can’t write are actually telling the truth.

    • Strange man, as vile in real life as in print. Deluded, egotistical, bit of an arse, the public need to be informed of the truly awful writing he puts out! Chauvinism, misogyny, homophobia, the works. He is also anti free speech and deems any critique of his writing as malice. The hits from his blog, which he can’t help mentioning, are generally from detractors. Why won’t he threaten to sue me! If anyone could find out his date of birth, anyone could track his crime number and see the state of his complaint. That is how dumb he is. Dumb enough to blame the Welsh language (‘Welshy transport announcements’) for missing trains and buses. They are bilingual! What a breast.

      • By the way, if you can stomach it, read the first ten pages of The Belched Briefs, worth a new blog post I would say!

      • We did put a couple of spare monkeys onto that a while ago, but they both reported sick immediately afterwards, and haven’t been fit to return to work since. I suspect there may well be a connection.

  7. A significantly more sober assessment of Jules rants. Have a peek.

  8. welshnot

    I left this on Julian’s website earlier. Some hope of it getting published:

    Dear Julian,
    Not sure what you’re alleging here: you’ve used words like ‘corruption’, ‘nepotism’, etc but all I see are some people who received grants to write their books. Have you any evidence that the process of applying for them was skewed, or that corruption was involved in their awarding? If so, publish it. Otherwise all you are saying is that some people get grants to write, paint, sing, sculpt, dance or act, and you think there shouldn’t be any grants for writers et al.

    You’ve smeared a lot of people Julian, but I’ve yet to see a single – one single – piece of evidence that shows that money was improperly awarded to anyone by any form of skuduggery whatsoever. Add to this my knowledge that you were turned down by Seren in 2009 and you can see why I’d urge you to come clean about what you’ve alleged and what you’ve omitted.

  9. welshnot

    Has an apology come out in the Llanelli Star about Jewelian’s Hitchens plagiarism?

  10. Apologyin this week’s Llanelli Star for his plagarism. when is he leaving, he was storming around Kidwelly saying he was heading for England after the e-fest debacle, the bugger is still here.

  11. By way of information to both the creator of this blog and those who have been contributing, particularly those of a malicious and threatening inclionation; you are all presently being investigated by the Dyfed Powys Police Authority – (Crime Reference No. AZ4/0556/3001201301H).

    The Authority has already issued a Press Release, so be in no doubt as to the probity of this communication.

    Further, over the weekend I have given a number of interviews to the Press -first article to appear in the Evening Post tomorrow, the Daily Mail, Telegraph etc later in the week and of course, the Llanelli Star, no doubt other media outlets will follow.

    Your true indentities will undoubedly be revealed in due course (if, as you claim Welshnot, you are a teacher, I hope you have an understanding Board of Governors), and I will also be pursuing an extremely expensive, for you Mr Jewel, civil action for breach of Copyright.

    Julian Ruck

    • Julian, you are an absolute delight – the gift that never stops giving! Have you really gone to the trouble of giving interviews to help attract readers to this blog? Most people don’t seem to realise how generous you are, but the monkeys and I are enormously grateful.

      I do wish you all the best with your civil action – will you be flirting with the old adage about a lawyer who represents himself, or will you be looking for a representative who hasn’t read the CDPA? If you want to save your pennies, you might like to cast an eye over section 30, chapter III.

      I’m afraid I do doubt the probity of this communication, though, Jules old chap. Perhaps you think that probity is just a fancy way of saying truthful – but it’s a bit wider, as it happens, implying an adherence to the highest principles and ideals. You’ll struggle to convince me that an attempt to bully a critic into silence adheres to the highest principles and ideals!

      I’d love to see a link to the Dyfed-Powys press release – it’s not on their latest page. No doubt you’re crossing your fingers that the police will get excited about the possibility of monkeys throwing your own books, or dog shit proven by photograph to have come from your dogs, at your windows – but the sad thing, Julian (don’t tell anyone!), is that there aren’t any actual monkeys. They’re made up, you see. So (to labour a point you seem to have missed) it can’t have been a serious suggestion, since there are no monkeys to do the dirty. My non-existent monkeys and I rather suspect the police will work this out for themselves!

      Now, I know you’re not a fan of answering questions, but maybe you’ll humour me just this once – you know when you said that you’re not fearful of ‘those who would surpress (sic) and censor the truth’? Does that mean you think censorship is a bad thing?

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