Other people’s success makes me look better

[Inspired by the success of the previous post, in which we allowed Julian himself to comment, and in no way confused by maintaining more than one persona at a time, we have decided to welcome Julian in the first person once again. The success of the previous post can be measured by its remarkable number of comments – with more people visiting this blog (1) than attending the Kidwell-e festival, it shows that Julian is right about the future].

Vindicated! Oh, indeed. eBook sales are now ahead of print sales on Amazon, which proves beyond reasonable doubt that my remarkable festival was a huge success. Whether or not there was anyone there is a trivial detail in the face of Amazon’s huge sales figures.

In many ways, I can share in Amazon’s success. You might even like to say (although of course I wouldn’t want to praise myself) that Amazon’s success rests in part on my untiring efforts. I don’t expect a share of the profit, but it would be nice were they to send me a card. An eCard, I mean.

In other news, Amazon’s impressive sales figures for Aviator Sunglasses also show that the book is dead.

[No, honestly. This isn’t a spoof. Julian actually believes this: http://julianruck.wordpress.com/2012/08/06/vindicated/.]


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