So, what makes a good festival?

Really, people complain at the slightest thing these days.

If someone invited ME to a literary festival with swearing, alcohol, burgers and plenty of elbow-room, I’d be absolutely delighted, and would support the whole idea enthusiastically rather than whining like a plague-ridden mongrel.

I have known rejection – in that, Bernard Shaw and I are alike – but again I tell you, I have taken not a penny of the public purse. MY potential grants are all busy employing nurses and lollipop ladies – I can look myself in the face, AND I can tell a comma from a handsaw (when the wind is southerly).



July 31, 2012 · 12:29 pm

5 responses to “So, what makes a good festival?

  1. What has happened to you twitter ID? It looks it is suspended again. Grr.

  2. Let’s try that again. I am good at missing words and now come letters too…
    What has happened to your twitter ID? It looks like it is suspended again. Grr.

    • I am, say the vengeful Gods of Twitter, too fond of the sound of my own voice. I am now compiling an exhaustive list of authors, sorry, I mean other authors on Twitter in order to complain bitterly about electronic injustice (although it is the future, mind you). In a fit of understandably gloomy rage, I had also not bothered to read my own blog.

  3. Ed

    What happend to the 20,000 visitors to festival??? haaaa

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